Hi students
I´m trying to learn to send you a note through this way.
Can you answser it?

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  1. egilea: kokorijo

    yes we can

  2. egilea: Jon eta Aitor

    yes, we can

  3. egilea: Ekaitz.Aldekoa eta Gorka

    Yes, we can

  4. egilea: kokorijo

    yes , we can answer your question

  5. egilea: Irene, Irati and Eider

    Headline: Indonesian confirms Papua torture.
    What: Indonesia has admitted that the men seen torturing Papuan villagers in a video.
    When: On 22 October 2010.
    Where: In Indonesia.
    Who: Indonesian soldiers and Papuan men.
    Why: Because there is a torturing.
    How: Holding a knife.

  6. egilea: Jonan, Kerman & Jon.

    There are oasis of water in the moon.
    Nasa found in the 9th of october on a crater about 155kg of water. Nasa discovered in an image of a crater some debris that contained water-ice and water-vapour.

  7. egilea: kokorijo

    Thank you for sending me the news you read on Friday

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